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Our approach... REY undertakes the responsibility of ensuring that the children are provided with opportunities to develop a solid platform for future learning, enabling them to reach their full potential in a fun-filled, child centred environment.
Learning Environment... REY believe the physical aspects of our early learning environments should support each child’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive needs by: Being warm and welcoming to create a sense of belonging for children and their families, Offering attractive, sensory-rich activity areas to inspire curiosity, foster creativity and support discovery, The importance of exercise, safety & hygiene Providing room to move freely and space to play so children are encouraged to explore, Catering for different developmental needs with a range of activities and age-appropriate play materials that are changed to meet individual interests, and that enable children to choose from a variety of options, Supplying a mixture of environments to cater for quiet or active, planned or spontaneous, small or large group, and indoor or outdoor experiences, Incorporating the natural environment with extended outdoor play spaces and layouts that increase natural light and extend the indoors out, Supporting a healthy diet and enjoyable meal-times. Our age-appropriate, play-based experiences and activities enable children to explore interest areas at their own pace with our professional staff carefully guiding them along the way. With a shared commitment to providing the best opportunities and outcomes for children’s development, you can rest assured that your child is being well cared for in a happy, healthy and inspiring environment.
Nutrition... We at REY understand that meal-times are about more than just food. When children gather together to eat and drink, an opportunity for social and language development exists along with the support of self-help and hygiene skills. It is also the chance to try new things and experience new tastes and textures. Children are offered a choice of meals and menus are regularly rotated to ensure variety. Promotion of good nutrition and healthy eating habits will assist a child’s development now and into the future.
Our Curriculum... The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework supports an integrated approach to early learning and care. Please follow this link for more information.... 
Family Communication... REY recognises the importance of connecting and sharing information with each family to identify individual needs, set goals, receive feedback … and to let you know just how your child’s day has been. From formal parent-staff meetings to informal daily chats, we endeavour to keep parents fully informed of their child’s progress and to establish open lines of communication. Our staff also maintain an Interactive learning diary (ILD) for each child including photos and work samples along with developmental observations,we also encourage parent/carers to add home learning and developments.
The Stages of Play...
Children discover and learn about their world when they play. Play develops imagination and creativity and gives children practice in the social skills they need in our world. Children do not play for reward or because someone told them that it is good to do. They play because they like it. Children learn the skills of socializing with one another in social play. By playing with one another, children learn social rules such as waiting, taking turns, cooperation and sharing things. Children go through stages of play as they grow. Here at REY we can offer support for all types of play including Solitary, Parallel, Associative and co-operative play.