Rainbow Early Years
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As you drop off or pick up your child please take a moment to check the whiteboard to see what we have been  learning through play.  You will also see what we have been up to here..
We are now open to a limited amount of children. We currently have two ‘Bubble’ groups. The children that returned have named the groups Wallaby’s and Cheetahs. The children have enjoyed being back although is quite different now with restricted resources, and fewer children! The setting has been revamped to adhere to the government social distancing regulations. We went on a shape walk around the local area, we all took our clip boards and starting hunting for shapes. A semi circle was spotted as soon as we left preschool. The children had fun hunting for the shapes and we even found a shape that wasn't on the list which was a trapezium the children enjoyed looking at their surroundings. We carried on walking to the allotments and whilst walking over the bridge we spotted a train. We managed to find all the shapes on the list plus a couple extra ones Today we planted some sunflower plants in the garden. We each dug a hole, planted our plant and then gave them some water. We talked about what our plants needed to help them grow, and they all knew they needed sun and water. We are looking forward to measuring them when they grow. They enjoyed using the number trays finding and naming the numbers before 'having a go' at counting out the correct number of people to correspond to the number on the trays. We have made cardboard dinosaur feet to print with, first we explored mixing colours, to see what would happen when we mix different colours.