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The Home Learning Environment... Evidence suggests that parental involvement in early learning has a greater effect on children’s well-being and achievement than any other factor. Supporting parents to help them provide a positive home learning environment is therefore a vital part of improving outcomes for children is one of REY’s commitments to you and your child. Early home learning is not just about the kind of pre-educational activities that the words may suggest. It encompasses a much wider range of experiences that provide the foundation from which babies and young children can grow to achieve their full potential. How parents relate to their children from the moment of birth and the activities they do with them inside and outside the home during their early years has a major impact on children’s social, emotional and intellectual development. The activities need not be expensive or time consuming, they can involve everyday activities or be included in daily routines such as counting food items on their plate or sharing stories at bed time. These activities can be shared and included by anyone involved in bringing up children, including fathers, mothers, grandparents, step-parents, other family members and carers.
Child-centred play: children take  the lead when  playing
Play with their  friends at home
Community activities
Singing songs  and nursery  rhymes
Painting, drawing and  messy play
Problem- solving and children’s ideas
Getting down  on the floor  and playing together
Reading and telling stories
A few ideas of what you as a parent or carer can do to aid your child’s development.
Letters and  numbers