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Interactive Learning Diary...
What is an Interactive Learning Diary (ILD)?... The tried and tested Interactive Learning Diary (ILD) is an intuitive, easy to use, web based tool, to record observations, assessments and learning journeys within a child's diary while capturing evidence and assessing progress against multiple national and international curriculum’s. Once your child has started with us you will receive a registration letter. If you are a parent/carer and have received your introductory letter from REY detailing your username and password then please click the link to the right to access the Interactive Learning Diary Portal or visit our Interactive Learning Diary page using the following link.  To see the ILD in action please watch the video below.
Placing the child at the centre of their own learning and including them in planning, which also produces the evidence required to satisfy Inspectors that this is taking place, is only a small part of what this amazing education support tool offers. An online miracle for all education professionals, the Interactive Learning Diary also encourages parental participation and the opportunity to be more actively involved in their child’s learning journey through secure online access to the "Pupil's Diary". These are of course just a few of the numerous unique benefits of the ILD and how it can assist with the implementation of the new curriculum.
Who uses an Interactive Learning Diary?... Teachers and Childcare Professionals This time saving interactive tool is a must have for all educators who understand the importance of tracking progress at class level and on an individual basis for each child. The simple to navigate report options provide all information required to evidence the learning and progression taking place within the class. Parents and Carers - The ILD Parent Portal The Parent Portal is an invaluable part of the ILD which enables parents who work away from home to monitor their child's educational development. Research has shown the importance of a parent's participation in their child's education and how this has a direct impact on their child’s learning and development. With the ILD, a direct link and the ability to interact with their child and what they are interested in at nursery or school is just a click away. Parents can access their own child's learning journey through a secure internet portal or download the app and add to the journey with learning that is taking place at home during activities, hobbies and sports. This way of engaging parents in their children's learning results in schools and parents working in partnership through active participation. Children Children are placed right at the heart of their own learning with this intuitive, easy to use and easy to navigate software tool. They can view their own photographs, reflect on what they were doing at the time, add to their own learning journey’s and even comment what they want to learn next or what they are interested in learning more about. It also introduces children at a young age to ICT skills. Local Authorities and Organisations Local Authorities and large organisations can have super user access rights which allow monitoring and assessment of individual school, class or child performance. An overview dashboard provides a wide range of reports which are available for classes and schools which can highlight both strengths and weaknesses in specific curriculum areas. This ensures there are no gaps in a child's learning or indeed weaknesses in the planning or teaching.