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Our Local Offer... The purpose of the Local Offer is for parents and carers to see more clearly what services are available for children with special educational needs and disabilities and how best for them to access them. Our Policy. o To include all children in our provision regardless of their needs or ability. o To work in partnership with parents and carers and other agencies. o We have a designated member of staff who fulfils the role of Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, her name is Helen Gorton. o We ensure that our inclusive practice ensures equality of access and opportunity for all families. o We work closely with parents or carers of children with SEN to create and maintain a positive partnership and ensure that parents are informed at all stages of the assessment, planning, provision and review of their child’s education. Identifying children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. o All children are observed by members of staff during play and a learning journey maintained as evidence of the individual child’s learning. The key person has the overall responsibility of compiling the learning journey. o From these observations, if the key person has noted that the child is consistently not reaching expected levels according to their chronological age, using the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) then the Senco would be informed and will review all information obtained. o The Senco would then alongside the key person speak with parents to raise concerns, enabling a positive partnership, and listening to the parent’s opinion also. o The Senco will then arrange for additional observations to be conducted and will set up targeted support from their next steps on the Interactive Learning Diary (ILD), ensuring all targets are both achievable and shared with parents. o The child will now be observed during their play using their targeted support by all staff members. o If the next steps on the ILD are still not being reached, with permission of parents, the Senco will contact The Single Point of Contact (SPOC) helpline, to make a referral for that child. o A SEND Lead worker will then make contact with our setting. They may come and observe as supporting evidence for outside agencies. o Whilst this process is being completed both the key person and Senco will support and observe the child during their sessions, using the targets, Matrix and Wiltshire Early Years Graduated Response to SEND Support (EYGRSS). o If referrals to Outside agencies such as speech therapy, a preschool communication tracker will be used and if necessary a referral to our local district specialist centre or Children’s Centre, REY will assist them to get all the necessary information needed and carry out specific programmes with the child. Accessibility of the environment. o Disabled access to both the front and back of the building. The front door has a permanent wooden ramp, and the back door had a moveable wooden ramp. o Disabled toilet available with large changing area provided, with both a wall mounted changing station and a floor based changing area. o All resources are easily accessible for all children in the setting. o We will explain the limitations of our setting’s building and would make changes or adapt our facilities if possible. Working with other professionals. o We have regular contact with the following professionals: SEND Lead workers Early Years advisory teacher Speech and Language therapist Occupational Therapist Health visitors Local Children Centre staff Local district centre (Stepping Stones) Paediatricians There are many other professionals who we can seek advice or contact regarding a child’s specific or individual need. Further Information. o The Keyperson is always available for advice and support, there is a list of every child and who their key person is within the entrance foyer. o Our manager and Senco are also available for advice and information. o We are able to sign post parents to the needed destination, for example speech and language therapist or children’s centre. Moving on/Transition to school or another setting. o We hold transition support meetings for children with SEN, this involves the future setting/school, parents, and professionals involved. o We share relevant documents such as current targeted support, My Support Plans and observations. o We share positive, successful strategies to support the child in the setting. o We make photo books of the new setting to aid the transition and help with familiarity. o We invite the future setting/school to visit our preschool to observe the child and help the child familiarise themselves with them. o We share information in partnership with the parents. Our setting operates an open door policy in which staff welcomes families to visit our preschool. We aim to work together to include any child with special educational needs and disabilities. Please follow this link to access Wiltshire Council’s Local Offer