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Parents comments... Don’t take our word for it. Here are a few comments from some of our parents.
I just wish to express my support of Rainbow Early Years for their parent engagement and two way communication between parents/carers and preschool staff.   All four children of mine have attended the setting over a ten year period and I have found Rainbows have built every year on excelling with their methods of communication.  Currently they have an excellent resource they used called Interactive Learning Diaries.  These have been invaluable to me during my time as a working parent as I have not always been able to ask my child about her day when being collected by a grandparent due to me working 24/7 hours shifts.   It also lovely being like a fly on the wall and seeing what they get up to, their achievements and challenges they have overcome.  They are a lovely memory and it is wonderful to see all that has been achieved over the term/year period. My children enjoy looking at them every year now and love the memories.  It is also a benefit as a parent as I can upload evidence of things my child have done at home so the staff can see their achievements and talk about this and involve there outside experience at pre-school.  They have a daily board which tells parent’s what the children have been up to that day, a Facebook page with lots of information, links to websites, important information, etc.  A regular newsletter to keep us up to date with events, website links for learning, etc.  There are regular parent’s evenings and I can ask for a meeting at any time if I have any concerns. The staff addresses my concerns in an quick time frame.   All children have a key person and this main contact is excellent and the manager is always on hand to assist with any queries as well.  My children’s progress and achievements are tracked through the Interactive Learning Diary and areas of concerns are raised with myself and are worked on by the staff and myself as a parent through two way communication.  Regularly reports are sent to parents to advise of their children’s progress and areas that are not covered are brought in to cover, keeping in line with the child’s interest.  Rainbows Early Years is an amazing preschool, with amazing staff that always go the extra mile, fantastic resources and experiences that create the best foundation I could ask for my child.  I would recommend to any parent and have made the extra travel away from my local area for all my four children to attend.