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Parents comments... Don’t take our word for it. Here are a few comments from some of our parents.
“ Amazing pre-school report to Azaria, so glowing. So proud of my clever, sociable loving girl. Thank you for being ace lovely ladies at Rainbow. ”
" Loved reading Archie’s pre-school report, he loves it and has settled in really well. I am so proud of what he has achieved and the fact he even potty trained himself. He may be a little rascal at home at times but to hear how well behaved he is at Rainbow makes up for it. "
“ All the support Elliott has received over the last 3 years is incredible! Especially thank you to Jo Clarke who has been in our life for over 5 years! She has been amazing with both my kids who weren’t the easiest to look after, she has been with me through really hard times and supported me and the kids through them and has celebrated with us all the good things that have happened and both Grace and Elliott’s achievements as they have been growing up. I am so lucky that you were in both kids lives and we really appreciate everything you have done for us . This is not a good bye just a massive thank you. “
“ You lovely lot have done a fantastic job with my 3 boys always helped with any issues and supported us as parents with things (speech problems etc) sad that it's time for Oscar to leave you all soon but you don't get rid of us for long as we will definitely be putting our next child in your safe care! Thank you for helping my babies grow “
“ Both my boys do/have loved going to Rainbows even from such a young age of 2!!! I have never had trouble leaving them, they would both prefer going to nursery than stay at home with mummy!! Just knowing that they feel/felt this way makes me feel overly confident that they enjoy/enjoyed there time with you all!! I couldn’t imagine sending them anywhere else!! “
“ You all do a fantastic job of giving our children a safe, fun and educational environment to be in. In my view Rainbow Early Years sets a high standard and should be highly praised, Henry has a fantastic time and Debbie is one of his best friends!!! Thank you Rainbows for your dedication and smiling faces “